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I cannot send messages

You need to make sure there is enough credit available in your SMSmemo account for all the messages you want to send. Remember that when sending bulk messages you'll need enough credit for each person you want to send a message to.

I cannot log in?

Are you using the correct login and password? Is the caps lock on? If you've tried to log in several times without success click on "Forgot password?" at the top of the screen and enter your mobile number to receive your password by SMS. Remember that there will need to be enough credit in your account to receive the SMS message. Please also note that after three failed login attempts access to your account will be blocked for a few hours as a security measure.

What is local time?

This is the time of the person you want to send a message to in their time zone. For example, the local time of somebody in Italy is 1 hour ahead (e.g. 11.00am) of somebody in the UK (10.00am). When sending messages using the recipient's local time SMSmemo automatically calculates the time difference for you so that messages are sent at the same time of day wherever they are in the world.

Do I get a receipt?

After making a payment you'll receive a confirmation receipt by email.

How can I top up my credit?

You can easily top up your account using PayPal, or from your credit card or bank account.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment processing service that's used on 1000s of ecommerce websites. Using PayPal offers a safe, secure and simple way of shopping online without having to reveal your credit card number or bank details.

How can I be sure my information is 100% safe?

By using PayPal to manage your purchases you can be assured that your transactions are 100% safe and protected by the best data encryption software available.

How can I create sub users?

You can add sub users with their own login and password. To do this choose "sub user" menu option on the left side in "My account" area. On the next screen please click "add new subuser" icon and folow the steps.

Feel free to contact our support and get proper information.